XLR8 Strength Band - Fitness Pack

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Our most popular pack of all, the XLR8 Strength Band Fitness Pack, contains a variety of bands to suit your fitness needs.

  • Bodyweight, weight resisted and assisted chin ups are some of the areas this pack will deliver strength and fitness gains from.
  • Suitable for individuals, group training, sports teams, crossfit style training and outdoor training.
  • XLR8 Strength Bands can also be used for, speed and agility training, plyometrics, aerobics, stretching, flexibility exercises, general conditioning, prehabilitation and rehabilitation.

Pack includes:

  • 1 x Purple Band
  • 2 x Red Bands
  • 2 x Blue Bands
  • 1 x Green Band

Additional Information

Care & Usage of XLR8 Strength Bands:

  • Keep inside at room temperature when not use.
  • Wipe and dry XLR8 Strength Bands after use if they get wet during use.
  • Try and keep your XLR8 Strength Bands in a storage bag or dark space when in use.
  •  Keep them out of the hands of children- These are not to be used as a toy
  •  Do not abuse the band, use the XLR8 Strength Bands for what they have been designed to do.
  •  Eventually bands will need to be replaced as rubber will wear overtime.
  •  Inspect your XLR8 Strength Bands prior to exercise or use. If they appear to look damaged or are beginning to fray please to do not use them! They will need to be replaced.

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