Strength Band Rugby Speed, Agility and Power Pack

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Strength Bands are an ideal rugby conditioning tool. Light-weight, portable and low cost. The latest in functional rugby training.

  • Benefit from powerful partner drills targeting speed, breakdown cleaning, jumping and tackling power.
  • This pack includes blue and green bands which are suited to power, speed and rugby specific skill/conditioning drills.
  • The bands can provide a resistance load without affecting speed of movement for live functional training gains.
  • Drills are unlimited and include Resisted Sprinting, Plyometrics, Agility, Core Stability, Crawling, Prone Stability & * Power Breakdown / Cleanout, Tackling Power
  • Easy for coaches to work into training due to the simplicity of rubber resistance overload.
  • The innovative red connectors can be used to join bands or apply resistance. Run a full band conditioning workout or include as part of a session.
  • Two bands are recommended as most power and movement based drills work much better with two bands connected. Bands can be looped together or connected by a Strength Band Connector with Grip Strap.
  • Band training suits all levels.

This pack will train a squad of 10-30 and includes:

  • 10 x Strength Band Small – Blue
  • 10 x Strength Band Medium – Green
  • 10 x Strength Band Connector with Grip Strap

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