Complete Speed Pack for Rugby 7's

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Maximise speed, explosive power and agility with our premium rugby 7’s pack! Custom designed for the very best in field based preparation.

  • We have taken the XLR8 Rugby Speed & Agility 7’s Pack and added Power Speed Chutes and Agility Poles to round out an unbeatable package.
  • Combining premium quality XLR8 equipment with proven step by step training programme guaranteed to give your players game winning speed, agility and reactive speed.
  • Includes best selling Free 75 page rugby speed eBook, 10 online videos with massive 4 hours and 390 video drills and 120 Fitness Speed & Agility Drills eBook.
  • Plan an entire off and pre-season programme, or pick drills and sessions to run a quality training session any stage of the year.

Enough equipment for up to 24 players including:

  • 1 x Multi-coloured 8m Footspeed Ladder.
  • 6 × 30cm Mini Hurdles with Carry Strap.
  • 6 x Power Speed Resistors-Large.
  • 6 x Evasion Belts.
  • 6 x Power Speed Chute-Large.
  • 1 x Orange Agility Pole Set.
  • 30 x Lampshade Marker Cones with Carry Handle.
  • Bonus Free Speed Training for Rugby ebook.
  • Bonus Free 390 Speed Agility and Conditioning Drills DVD Video Download Set.
  • Bonus Free 120 Fitness Speed & Agility Drills eBook
  • Mesh Kitbag.

Online videos and eBooks are loaded to a personal library at the time of purchase for immediate viewing. Simply select My Digital Resources from the menu drop down to watch the drills.


Ash Jones

Canterbury Crusaders Strength and Conditioning Coach 2003-2011

“At last a quality speed program that focuses on the multi-directional needs of team and ball sports! XLR8 training concepts and coach education courses will open your eyes to how best develop acceleration, change of direction and sport specific speed.

With XLR8 coaching knowledge you will be able to set up a speed program that will propel your athletes to the next level of sports performance. Quite simply XLR8 speed and power training is the best speed programme I have seen in my 20 years as a professional strength and conditioning coach and educator. High level sport is all about speed and at the Crusaders we use XLR8 training drills to ensure our players are exposed to the very best in speed development.”

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