Fiji looks to R80 for RWC 2011 Preparation

Fiji chooses R80 as official equipment supplier

R80 Rugby is pleased to be selected by the Fiji rugby union as the equipment supplier of choice to help prepare the national team for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. We are excited to be associated with a passionate Pacific Islands international team who always attract World Cup attention for the exciting and explosive way they play the game we love.

" R80's generousity and high quality products greatly aided the World Cup preparations of the Fijian National team. Thier wide range of innovative and functional products perfectly supplemented and enhanced our coaching program to not only elevate the effectiveness of training sessions, but do so in a exciting
way for our players. The quality of the products and the ease with which they are used means I would highly recommend them to any rugby environment looking for that extra advantage in functional on field training."

Greg Mum - High Performance Manager Fiji Rugby Union

                                 Fijian International team training with R80 Pure Power Trainers