What we do

Welcome to our XLR8 Department. We do sport, fitness, physical education, rehabilitation, functional training tools and resources!

XLR8 is the SPSS Networks' dedicated strength and conditioning site. The range is stacked full of quality products designed to meet the needs of individual fitness enthusiasts, professional trainers, teachers, rehabilitation and medical specialists, coaches and sportspeople.

Our range is driven by our countries unique strength and passion for sport, fitness and physical activity. We are proud to be servicing the needs of New Zealanders since 1998 and exporting our training innovations to the world since 1999. XLR8 equipment and training resources are now used in over 25 countries.

XLR8 products have received ringing endorsements from New Zealand’s leading coaches, fitness professionals and sports people. When quality and performance counts, the professionals turn to XLR8.

Professional staff ensures we remain at the cutting edge of fitness, sport, teaching and coaching innovations. We produce and source only high quality equipment and create valuable instruction and education support for all users.

Thousands of New Zealand customers from primary schools to international sports teams rely on our products. Through our international network of distributors our range is common place amongst many of the very best international and professional teams throughout Australia, South Africa, UAE, Europe, Asia, North America and the United Kingdom.

Thanks for visiting XLR8 and the SPSS Network. Enjoy shopping!