Please browse from the selection of customer comments below. Many represent the very highest level of sport where quality and performance is demanded.

We have been using XLR8® Sports Speed equipment in our Motivationz Netball Academy for the past 3 years. The service and products are absolutely outstanding, number one! From the ladders to the cones to the plyo platforms, we have found this equipment to really benefit our young netballers, and the coaches who are teaching the skills of netball. If you are passionate about netball, and want to make a difference, then buy the right equipment to assist your budding netballer in agility, speed, balance and co-ordination.
Margaret Foster,
MNZM Director Motivationz Netball,
Former Silver Fern, Head Coach NZ A , Canterbury Flames & Southern Steel Assistant Coach
XLR8® methodology is the future of speed and power development for international rugby! Training systems come and go, but what is most impressive, is that XLR8® continues to evolve and keep ahead of the game. When the athletes are at the top of their sport, its accuracy and multi directional speed that can make all the difference. Thanks XLR8® for your ideas and innovations during our recent reconditioning program.
Graham Lowe,
NZRU National Fitness Advisor
All Blacks Strength Conditioning Coach

At last a quality speed program that focuses on the multi-directional needs of team and ball sports! XLR8® training concepts and coach education courses will open your eyes to how best develop acceleration, change of direction and sport specific speed.

With XLR8® coaching knowledge you will be able to set up a speed program that will propel your athletes to the next level of sports performance. Quite simply XLR8® speed and power training is the best speed programme I have seen in my 20 years as a professional strength and conditioning coach and educator. High level sport is all about speed and at the Crusaders we use XLR8® training drills to ensure our players are exposed to the very best in speed development.

Ashley Jones,
Canterbury Crusaders Strength and Conditioning Coach, International Strength and Conditioning Coach
Over the last 12 months we have been utilising the XLR8® program to further enhance athletic performance. The XLR8® program used by the Hurricanes, focused on acceleration, change of direction and sport specific speed, ingredients that are crucial for success in Super 14 Rugby. The team has responded well to XLR8® and we are delighted with the progress that the players have made. We recommend XLR8® to any sports team looking for an edge!
Andrew Beardmore,
Hurricanes Strength & Conditioning Coach

We have utilised the courses and services of XLR8® for the last three years. We find that the service they perform for us are cutting edge and have put both athletes and trainers through their workshops.

XLR8® are at the forefront of the industry in Speed and Agility training and we will continue to have our athletes utilize their services.

John Freer CEO,
New Zealand Academy of Sport Central,
Deslea Wrathall Performance Services Manager
At the VIS we have a functional and sport specific approach to athlete development and preparation. The equipment from Speed, Power and Stability provides us with everything we need to help our athletes achieve their goals. From medicine balls to Footspeed Ladders and Strength Bags, the equipment is of high quality and the customer service is first class
Denise Jennings,
Coordinator, Australian Victorian Institute of Sport Physical Preparation Programme
New Zealand Cricket has found Jamie Tout and XLR8® speed power stability systems to be highly beneficial to our player's performance. In International competition being able to train our players using XLR8® equipment and ideas has proven to effectively improve our player's acceleration and initial quickness. Traveling around the world means that we are very conscious of the gear that we take, but I always take some of my XLR8® equipment to keep our players at their genetic potential. I have no hesitation in recommending XLR8® equipment or concepts.
Warren Frost,
Sports Science and Medical Coordinator New Zealand Cricket

We have recently employed Speed Power Stability Equipment in developing evolving activities suitable for schools, junior and senior club players to provide a challenging environment to encourage a number of outcomes including power, strength, fitness, ball control balanced running, side stepping, tackling and general body control. The games, drills and skills developed would not be so appropriate to player development and empower where it for the structure that equipment provided.

Student teachers and coaches alike have reported that the equipment allowed for the successful playing and training programmes which were stimulating, fun, rewarding and developed basic motor skills and games-play in children, young and elite athletes. We have no hesitation in recommending Speed Power Stability Equipment and continue to employ the Ladders, Hurdles, Evasion Belts, Chutes which provide adaptability to different sports allowing players across all age ranges to improve decision making, balance, agility and acceleration.

As we constantly search for new fresh original ideas the equipment allows for opportunity to encourage and exploit player's movement potential. When we have taken the equipment into schools the response from teachers and students alike has been most responsive and encouraging. Our coaches and teachers are constantly taking the equipment into schools and community clubs and report great success as the equipment enhances generic and specific skills across a broad gambit of sports and activities.

Dr Tom Brown C.Ed, B.Phil, M.ed, Ph.d
Lecturer in Sports and Physical Education at the Australian College of Physical Education
XLR8® is the first program during my 13 years of playing first class cricket that it has felt like I am training specific areas to improve my performance. I have always been a big trainer but through XLR8® I have trained smarter, with more purpose and have really enjoyed the intensity of the trainings. One of the main reasons why I like using the XLR8® concept is the amount of information you can keep adding to an exercise that will put your physical technique under pressure but more importantly your decision making skills. From a team perspective we enjoyed the range of equipment and activities available through XLR8®, especially the variety and competitive nature that it provided as it made it fun to train. We worked harder than we ever have because of the enjoyment factor at trainings and this created a healthy team environment as we respected each others commitment at training. So if you are looking for that winning edge well you don't have to look any further. I absolutely 100% would recommend XLR8® to any athlete, team or coach, you won't be disappointed!
Matthew Bell,
International Cricketer. New Zealand
(Test: 1998/99-2001/02); New Zealand (ODI: 1998/99-2000/01);
Northern Districts (1993/94-1996/97); Wellington (1997/98-2006/07)
I have been using the XLR8® gear and programmes over the last year and a half, and it has already shown me so many benefits to my game as a cricketer. The Speed, Power and Stability that XLR8® has provided for me have increased my performance enormous amounts, and there is also a sense of complete achievement after each session, as well as fun and enjoyment. I am so happy with the XLR8® gear, programmes and ideas that I am convinced that my performance will keep improving with years to come.
Jeetan Patel,
New Zealand Black Caps Cricket 2005
We have been able to challenge our players like never before with the use of XLR8® training equipment & methods. Having been in the game for nearly 30 years, I understand first hand that cricket is a game that requires strength, speed & stability, and XLR8® is the best at combining these without compromising the variety that sportsman enjoy.
Anthony Stuart,
Wellington Firebirds Head Coach 2006-07
Australian Cricket ODI Team 1996-97

To Whom It May Concern,

I work in the pressure cooker world of rugby, refereeing to the international level of the game. A year ago my career was under jeopardy due to ongoing injuries and a foot problem, which threatened to end my career.

Upon meeting Jamie, we undertook a major training regime based on correcting my running technique with XLR8® methodology and at the same time increasing my speed and endurance, by virtue of strong technique and aerobic base. After one year, I am now smashing the fitness testing requirements and I am fitter for refereeing rugby than I was before all the injuries!! My foot problem is practically non-existent and I am once again performing with distinction on the international stage.

My dream of refereeing Australia v South Africa has been given a lifeline and I owe that lifeline to Jamie and XLR8® International.

Lyndon Bray,
International Rugby Union Referee
XLR8® has provided the players with a new dimension to their trainings. The result has been outstanding! Faster, more agile and better reactions to respond to the vigour's of the toughest Rugby League competition in the world. It's precisely what we were looking for. I fully endorse the XLR8® program.
Paul McGregor,
Head Strength and Conditioner – St. George Illawarra Dragons National Rugby League Team
The more I use it with my athletes, the more it impresses me! The XLR8® program is fantastic for enhancing multi directional speed and it allows the coach or trainer to bridge the gap between science and application. Congratulations Jamie and Glenn!
Brett Taylor,
Junior Strength and Conditioning Co-ordinator - Newcastle Knights Australian Rugby League
XLR8® is a new and innovative speed training course that delivers up to date advancements in the development of speed in sport. I have found the course to be both informative and specific to the needs of athletes and the need for speed in sport today
John Gbenda-Charles,
Head Fitness & Conditioning for Hong Kong RFU
Having been involved in the rugby fitness training profession for over 10years now, I am always looking for new ideas and training methods to apply to speed and agility development sessions. Attendance on the XLR8® Bronze course has given me plenty of new ideas to incorporate into such development sessions. The course has confirmed to me that it doesn't matter at what level you are involved in any sport, you never stop learning and there is always a different way to conduct a session to achieve the same outcome. The bronze level course is outstanding for any coach/trainer at any level who is involved with a team, a group of athletes or an individual and who is responsible for their speed and agility development. The way the course is presented, the practical application and the knowledge gained from the course are of the highest standard and I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone. I now look forward to the Silver level course!
Eric Kneepkens,
NPC Trainer, Taranaki Rugby Football Union
As Soccer continues to evolve it becomes increasingly important that the most up to date methods of training are adopted into performance schedules. Speed, Quickness and Agility are core elements of high performance in modern football. Attending a XLR8® course provided me with an insight and awareness of the variation, technical and scientific approach to increasing speed and agility.
Maurice Tillotson,
NDO NZ Soccer /Coachforce, BA, Grad Dip Arts.
Excellent course, really enjoyed it. Learned loads, top class, looking forward to the silver course.
Rod McCauley,
University of Glasgow, Scotland

I found the XLR8® training system and equipment to be fantastic.

Not only did the Bronze program endorse the training protocols I am currently employing, it also enhanced my skill and knowledge base 10 fold. I have my own equipment however on my recommendation; the current club I am training purchased a large amount of SPSS equipment.The athletes are experiencing speed work utilising ladders, hurdles and parachutes, and agility training using the ladders, agility poles and various grid patterns from the video.The bronze training program has been of great benefit to myself, but more importantly to the athletes I train, and I look forward to the Silver training program.

John Keepa,
Eastern Bay of Plenty Rugby Union High Performance Trainer
I found it a realistic progressive system to assist athletes in understanding and then practicing the requirements for being faster, quicker, and more agile. Well presented and well resourced, thanks again
Grant Dearns,
NPC Rugby Trainer, Hawkes Bay Rugby Union, Kelt Capital Magpies
I found the XLR8® Bronze program to be an excellent course, with a lot of practical components to cement the theory learned. From here I was able to give the athletes I work with more comprehendible training sessions that they not only have benefited from but have enjoyed! Especially the U20 Soccer girls as they strive to be in top condition on road to theirworld cup in Russia later this year. Not only have the athletes I work with benefited from the knowledge I have gained from XLR8®, but it has been of great benefit to my own conditioning in sport speed! My sport requires all the skills I learned on the bronze course and I have definitely noticed a difference! I also look forward to the Silver training program to increase my knowledge and performance even more
Maia Jackman,
Captain of NZ Women's Soccer Team, National Development Officer for NZ Soccer, Mentor/Trainer U20 NZ Women's Soccer Team.

This course has given me the knowledge and expertise to teach athletes the secrets of improving their speed, power and agility from beginner to seasoned athlete. Immediate results show a 5% improvement.

I would strongly recommend this course to any coach, who wishes to improve their athletes sport performance.

Ray (JR) Wells,
Dip. Sport (Coaching), North Harbour Women's N.P.C. Head Coach 2005
Good refresher and reminder course. Great mix of practical and theory.
Steve Jackson,
Netball Southland
I fully recommend any coach or fitness trainer of team and individual sports to attend the XLR8® Bronze Course. The content covered during the course not only refreshes knowledge but provides many new methods of training to get the best out of each athlete. The practical element gives you are hands on understanding of the mechanics and principles needed to assist athletes in speed and agility training. The methods experienced on this course provided me with new ideas in providing competition and enjoyment for my players while still working them at a high intensity. I look forward to attending the Silver and Gold courses in the near future.
Kelvin McDowell,
NPC Strength and Conditioning Coach, Rugby Southland
The XLR8® course gave me some fresh ideas to use with my athletes. I look forward to completing the next stage. Thank you.
Lynne O'Malley,
Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic Netball Franchise, Winners 2005 NZ National Bank Cup
I have been to many NZAAS training camps, level 1, 2 and 3 but I found these clinics very informative and helpful for sports
Mary Boughtwood,
Hamilton Boys' High School
The XLR8® bronze level course is a must for all coaches aspiring to teach athletes the basics of training for speed. It is informative and practical as well as providing great resources. After completing the course I was able to immediately utilise the information provided to great effect with Touch teams I coach
Joe Sprangers,
Coach - Waikato Touch Association.
Excellent Presentation, very high practical component, all useable information. Will be able to adapt certain exercises to suit weightlifting movements. High quality teaching materials.
George Byng,
Weighlifting Scotland
Good practical tools to use in the field backed up with theoretical knowledge. Packed with drills and a variety of sessions. Good value!
Ian Pye,
East Renfrewshire Council
Well presented. Made good use of equipment and backed up everything said with appropriate knowledge
David Merriman,
East Renfrewshire Council
Very informative whilst being made enjoyable by the course provider
Tom Martin,
I am very interested in attending the next course (silver). I have used the practical and theoretical information from the course, and found it to be invaluable – an outstanding resource. I would like to be able to present these courses in the future, to add to my position as rugby development manager.
Gary Alsop,
North Otago Rugby Football Union Development Manager
Over the past 15 years in which I have been involved in conditioning a wide range of athletes, the XLR8® system represents to me the most comprehensive speed, power and agility program available. My conditioning background started as a physical training instructor in the British Army, and the benefits XLR8® holds to terms of new and innovative methods of training would undoubtedly lead to higher levels of fitness within this already extremely well trained group of professionals. In addition drills can easily be developed which will cater for specific Arms and Corps needs, in a similar manner in which sport specific conditioning work is applied.
Mark Roberts
BSc (Hons), Dip PT, SESNZ Accredited Physical Conditioning Practitioner

Touch New Zealand have welcomed XLR8® and the new imitative that they have offered to Touch New Zealand. As for the touch fraternity they see a lot of benefit with all the equipment and packages that they offer.

This is a whole new venture for touch, and has taken our grass roots and elite players and Referees to a new level; the Touch Black women have used the resources and find it to be very good as Touch is about speed and agility. Provincial teams now want to use the available resources as to allow there athletes to perform at the highest level. So on that note Touch New Zealand fully support XLR8® and there mission to improve our athletes performance.

Lester Fox,
National Coaching and Selection Development Manager
Touch New Zealand

I have been utilizing XLR8® Strength Bags in my programs and sessions over the last 6 months and have found them to be an excellent addition to my conditioning 'toolbox'. The broad bag weight range of the Powerbag system has allowed me to effectively cater to the differences in training age and strength and ability levels of my male and female athletes alike while the durable versatility of Powerbags has enabled me to utilize them both indoors and out across a wide range of conventional resistance training and core conditioning exercises, explosive power development drills and routines, and strongman type activities.

The soft construction of XLR8® Strength Bags has facilitated a level of safety and confidence of use by my athletes, sometimes not achievable with conventional free weights, which has enhanced both training quality and effectiveness particularly with explosive power and overloaded plyometric drills.

I unreservedly endorse the XLR8® Strength Bags system and would recommend Powerbags to anyone seeking to enhance their training and performance.

Jon Renes
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Hockey NZ, Netball NZ, NZ Badminton, Triathlon NZ
Take the weight room to the playing field, all the exercises you can perform in the weight room can be used with the XLR8® Strength Bags outside, the uses of this innovative training tool are only limited by your imagination, add variety to your speed sessions, transform your power sessions with Olympic movements using the power bag, easily transportable and very durable ready to receive whatever you can design and keep coming back for more, a sure fire winner for sports and personal training.
Ashley Jones,
New Zealand International Rugby Strength & Conditioning Coach
Canterbury Crusaders Strength and Conditioning Coach
After working with the grassroots, to some of the worlds most elite athletes, it is sometimes the simplest ideas that are the most effective. Why bother with a pen that can write upside down and in space when you have a pencil. The XLR8® Strength Bags are just as effective and will be around for just as long. Their versatility has proven to be a real hit with my athletes across 7 different sports. Recently I demonstrated them for the New Zealand Army and can say with confidence that they are bomb proof. The recruits put them to the test, with throws and combat strikes that would have seen the seams split on many a tackle bag or hit shield. Never have I been able to compliment my speed training routines with such dynamic power exercises. Aside from being a superb functional resistance training aid, they are safe and easy to transport from one venue to the next. Empty or full they will be in my training kit wherever it is my next job takes me.
Jamie Tout
International Strength & Conditioning Expert
Co-Author of XLR8® Training Systems

XLR8® Strength Bags are such a versatile training tool. I've trained rugby players, combat athletes, soccer players, and rehab clients with great results. XLR8® Strength Bags workshop was a fun time. Lots of great practical ideas and applications to training a wide range of clients.

XLR8® Strength Bags are a sports trainer's dream tool. I use these on a regular basis training NZ's top athletes. These are fantastic for explosive work. I often use power bags as part of a circuit – they allow you to crank up the intensity to boiling.

Dave Liow,
Sports Science NZ L3 Phys.Conditioner
NZ Softball Black Sox head trainer
NZ Golf Head Physical Conditioner
High performance and exercise rehabilitation specialist

At the Massey High Sports Academy we are aim to develop our elite level young sports people. We are always looking at innovative and creative ways to train and condition young athletes of all shapes, size and strengths.

On attending the seminars to learn about the SPSS systems, we were blown away at the simplicity of the XLR8® Strength Bags products and the wide range of activities they could be used for.

The athletes love using them and have a fun way to improve fitness and test their own abilities. They are safe, user friendly and hot items that are in high demand by our athletes.

I would recommend them to any team or organization that aims to improve group or individual fitness across such a wide range of sports.

Candice Yallop,
Director of the Massey High Sports Academy

After attending the XLR8® Strength Bags seminar and using XLR8® Strength Bags extensively for 5months, not only did I find the seminar highly informative from basics to the more advanced movements with tons of variations on speed, agility, quickness, strength training, Olympic lifts to Hybrid methods. I would highly recommend that any fitness professional/Coach purchase XLR8® Strength Bags to add to their collection of tools. XLR8® Strength Bags not only give you greater bang for your buck with training intensity due to the unstableness (among other things) but they also provide you with options of inside a facility or outside in the park, something you can't do with conventional weights.

The XLR8® Strength Bags can train the highly elite athletes to a person looking to increase health or decrease bodyfat through functional training. If you are serious about taking your clients of all levels to new heights then having the Powerbag in your repertoire is a must!

Spida Hunter
Director/Performance Trainer
Enhancing Human Performance Ltd

I am the strength and conditioning coach to the students at New Zealand School of Dance and have found the bags the most useful tool thus far in training them in lifting techniques. The dancers love the versatility and feel of the bags. I find them perfect for teaching loaded movement patterns before they throw one another around. The bags are also fantastically useful in creating a dynamic core workout for people who use their bodies as a form of expression.

Later in the year I start work with the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company and intend on using the bags with the male dancers for the same purpose.

Juliet Annan,
Strength and Conditioning Coach NZ School of Dance
The introduction of XLR8® Strength Bags into our club was an instant hit. Firstly the workshop was fantastic, receiving great feedback from our PT team. Many of the trainers couldn't wait to incorporate XLR8® Strength Bags exercises into their client's workouts. The very next day XLR8® Strength Bags created a dynamic energetic and fun training atmosphere in the club. I totally recommend all clubs to get your staff trained and introduce the Powerbag to your members – they'll love it!
Haagon East,
Personal Training Manager, Les Mills Dunedin

I have been in the Fitness industry for nearly ten years. I have seen many different tools & equipment used in Gyms and seen them come and go. I attended a XLR8® Strength Bags Seminar run by Speed Power and Stability after talking with Glen Jenkins, who promised me that this seminar/workshop would be worth attending.

It was a breath of fresh air and a relief to finally have a simple new tool to add to this industry. The Seminar/Workshop was great and the facilitator John had a wealth of knowledge and experience. As soon as we got settled we were straight into it, it was literally like that for the next three hours. John would take us through a group of exercises and we would then pair up and repeat. Near the end we were left to invent our own exercises, but by that stage most of us were totally exhausted. Not since the introduction of Swiss Balls (Gym Balls) have I felt that this is going to be an essential part of any Club, Sports team, Fitness centre or school.

I am the Personal Training /Gym Floor manager at Les Mills Wellington and have purchased sets of XLR8® Strength Bags for our Trainers and members to use. I found them easy to use, Fun, extremely functional and incredibly versatile. I totally recommend the use of these XLR8® Strength Bags, your Club Members will love them as well as your Trainers.

Theo Bostrovas,
Personal Training Manager, Les Mills Wellington
The implementation of XLR8® Strength Bags in our National Physical Preparation Program has proven to be a revelation, adding a functional component to our field based training. I would recommend power bags to anyone looking to develop sports speed & power
John Gbenda-Charles,
Head Fitness & Conditioning for Hong Kong RFU

Dear Jamie,

As you are aware the New Zealand Defence Force has been using the TRX Suspension Trainer whilst on operations in Afghanistan. The environment in Afghanistan is such that some of the Forward Patrol Bases (FPB) have small weight rooms with limited equipment.

During my deployment as a Physical Training Instructor to Bamyan, Afghanistan we utilised the TRX Suspension Trainer with a Kiwi team that had a remote FPB and also at Kiwi Base in Bamyan. My job entailed making sure the deployed personnel had the opportunity and ability to maintain their level of fitness ensuring that they were 'fit to fight'.

The Kiwi Team that utilised the TRX Suspension trainer, used it as an alternative to the weights that they had in their location. It also gave them an option of taking it out on patrol with them away from their FPB. This was able to be utilised to do a full range of exercises by hanging the suspension trainer from a tree or from a vehicle.

In Kiwi Base I ran circuit classes and incorporated the TRX Suspension trainer as an exercise station to progress any exercise. On a day where we only had four participants in the class I used two TRX Suspension trainers for the entire workout. By using the options and short rest periods that I did this workout proved very challenging for all participants.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a great tool that can be set up in minutes, with minimal space and not other equipment needed. It can be attached to any number of solid objects tree's, doors, vehicles, shipping containers and I even attached it to a HESCO wall. The options to progress any exercise was great for challenging even the fitter individuals that used it. Due to the TRX Suspension Trainer being of robust, sturdy construction it survived the harsh environmental conditions in Afghanistan with out any issues at all.

The TRX Suspension Trainer would be a great tool in New Zealand for individuals or personal trainers to create or contribute to a workout in a park or other outdoor location or for an individual to have a complete workout in the privacy of their own home with out any other exercise equipment. The TRX Suspension trainer would also make the perfect piece of exercise equipment to take on holiday whether that holiday is staying in a hotel/motel, with family or friends or camping/tramping staying in a hut or tent.

The TRX Suspension Trainer was well received and utilised by personnel deployed to Afghanistan with me. The TRX Suspension Trainer is a strong, reliable piece of equipment that survived everything we threw at it in some of the harshest environmental conditions in the world. The versatility of the TRX Suspension Trainer is fantastic, enabling almost any exercise to be adapted or modified to create a workout that is challenging based on the participants current level of ability and fitness.

Sergeant NZ Army
Physical Training Instructor